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Manteca Quilt Show 

Edyta’s love for fabric began at a very young age - when she used her mother’s drapes to create her first fabric project!
Fortunately, for all of us, Edyta's mother recognized her passion for fabric and thus began her journey with fabric and sewing. One of Edyta’s biggest blessings is her marriage to husband, Michael. She not only fell in love- she was introduced to a Sitar family tradition of quilting by her mother-in-law, Carol, and grandmother-in-law, Anna.
Quilting has enabled Edyta to express herself about the objects or occasions of her surroundings - her designs are her avenue to release passion! “My children and my husband are my greatest motivation. This is the Cinderella dream for me. Being able to do what I love and share this love with others is the greatest feeling and reward I could imagine!"
The combination of inspiration, a love for fabric, a keen eye for color, and her family teachings blended into the recipe for a talent in constructing amazing quilts, creating innovative quilting patterns for Laundry Basket Quilts, designing beautiful Traditional and Batik fabrics for Moda (10 years) and now for Andover (Present). She has published numerous books to date, been featured in many magazines, and her quilts have been honored in displays around the world.
As the founder and owner of her company, Laundry Basket Quilts, Edyta is proud to carry on her family tradition that fabrics and threads have seamlessly stitched together through the generations. Her true passion and quilter’s spirit shine through her classes, workshops, and presentations. She travels all over the world sharing her experiences and connecting with quilters of all levels through the inspiring stories about the quilts she makes. 

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43rd  Annual Quilt Show

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Manteca Quilters

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Our 2023 Quilt Show Featured Quilt Artist: 

      Edyta Sitar of Laundry Basket Quilts

Show Dates:  March 4th & 5th, 2023
March 4th,  Saturday 9am to 4pm

March 5th,  Sunday  9am to 3pm

Wentworth Bldg
2707 Transworld Drive
Stockton, CA